With the rise of the technology we have grown to expect a certain level of connectivity with our everyday lives. However, this also does add a certain level of complexity that can be time-consuming. 

Control4 allows you to create an operating system for your home; connecting previously separate systems into a seamless platform giving you full control and simplicity at the tips of your fingers.

You now have the ability do much more than you ever thought possible. From controlling your lights, music, security, shading, climate control and more all with a push of a button saving you time and money. 

Devices are consolidated from across the entire house into a single screen - whether that is an iPad, phone or even your TV screen. This gives you the ability to view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open, lights throughout the home and even adjust your climate control system.


Our showroom has a Control4 system installed for you to demo with access to see what shading, media and lighting control looks like. Give us a call, we would love for you to visit with us and we can show you all Control4 has to offer. 

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