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Whether you’re looking for something ultra high-end or fall somewhere in between, we have options for you. Our team will work with you to understand what is most important (is sound or visuals most important- or do you want it all?) and build a custom solution that will satisfy your families needs.


We take great pride in working with you to build out the theater of your dreams. Whether you have a room wholly dedicated to your theater or you want to level up your basement or attic we will work with you to make your vision a reality from sound and visuals down to the lighting.



Seattle is booming and with that comes a high level of new build construction homes and more even more commonly stud-out remodels. The Seattle Sight and Sound team often works closely with builders, architects and interior designers on taking your vision and making it work for your home.

Whether your home is a new build that we can pre-wire to your exact specifications or an existing space we need to retro-fit we will work with you and your build team to get your speakers, lighting, wiring exactly where they need to be to ensure your vision is executed. 



Home Theaters are all about providing a theater experience right in the comfort of your own home. Stunning and life-like visuals are the center of that. 

From large scale immersive theater rooms with 150" screens and a 4K projector to a family media room with a life-like 8K TV the options are endless. 

Depending on what you're looking to accomplish, size of the room and location we have a variety of options to suit your needs. 


While stunning visuals are at the heart of any great home theater or media room- it is the sound that makes it come to life and creates an unforgettable entertainment experience. 

Dolby Atmos creates a theater-like experience that draws you in with unmatched sound quality, richness and depth that stays with you. 



Unforgettable sound is at the heart of every home theater - but with even the greatest sound setup there is an additional layer needed to ensure that your theater performs as intended. 

Acoustic treatments allow for the sound waves to dissipate naturally versus bouncing around your room distorting the sound.  This can range from basic wall panels spread out on your wall, to a full acoustic treatment package hidden behind a custom stretched fabric system that covers all of the wall surfaces.

We design our home theaters acoustics in mind. From the room shape to understanding if we need to minimize sound leakage we take all aspects into consideration when optimizing your home theater room. 


Seating is one of the most fundamental aspects to delivering a great home theater experience. We like to work with you to design the seating and AV storage components from the beginning. This ensures that the end result fits not only your needs - but also your room aesthetics.


There is no one size fits all approach to home theater seating. We always take into account the family makeup (all members of the family and the ages) and also get a general idea for the number of guests that will use the space. We find that it generally works best to put less formal seating when the family is made of younger children and the seating arrangements get more formal as the ratio of adults that use the space increases.

Home theater seating has a huge array of options available – from the traditional armchair through to modular couches and recliners. Theater seating has never been more customizable for your space. There is a vast array of fabrics and top grain leathers to choose from even an option for motorization, giving you control over the look and feel of your space.

C4_Home Theater.jpg


Lighting design is vital to an enjoyable home theater experience. Our lighting designs work simultaneously with our lighting control system to ensure lighting is dimmed just right to make the most of a projection based home theater.


Integration with your smart home system means that you can set "scenes" which will allow you to have a set of actions that happen automatically. For example, if you wanted automatically dim lights when a film starts and raise them again when the film is paused or stopped - this is all possible.


Lighting comes in many forms, from step lights to tray ceilings and fiber optic ceilings arranged to resemble the sky at night. We can install a smart lighting system for just one room of the home right up to a whole-home lighting control system.

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