Founded in Lawrence, Kansas in 1979 Martin Logan has become the benchmark of excellence for electrostatic speakers. Combining high style, uncompromising revolutionary engineering and an unbelievably clean sound that you must hear to believe.

Over the years MartinLogan has expanded their offering selection to include a full range of products giving you premium sound solutions for every space. 

We are a Martin Logan Masterpiece dealer with a variety of pieces on our floor for your listening pleasure. Feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment we'd love you to try them out. 


Between two thin perforated metal plates is a very thin Mylar diaphragm. So thin that you can literally see through the tower. As the membrane is so thin there is less weight which produces a more accurate sound that can reach higher frequencies making them perfect for those mid and high range sounds.

When high voltage is applied, the electrically charged Mylar diaphragm moves between two charge plates.

Once the speakers receive adequate voltage, the diaphragm and plates produce audio.

Martin Logan uses a hybrid design on that houses a subwoofer in the bottom cabinet to capture the lower range frequencies but is also nicely complimented with a good quality subwoofer for more bass.


Our showroom has a variety of Martin Logan speakers for your listening pleasure. Give us a call, we would love for you to visit with us and we can show you all MartinLogan has to offer. 

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