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Control4 allows you to create an operating system for your home; connecting previously separate systems into a seamless platform giving you full control and simplicity at the tips of your fingers.

You now have the ability do much more than you ever thought possible. From controlling your lights, music, security, shading, climate control and more all with a push of a button saving you time and money. 

Devices are consolidated from across the entire house into a single screen - whether that is an iPad, phone or even your TV screen. This gives you the ability to view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open, lights throughout the home and even adjust your climate control system.



Whether you have just a few rooms of audio and a simple TV you're looking to manage, or if you want total control over your theater room, whole-home audio from your kitchen to your backyard. Control4 will allow you to more easily and effectively manage your media.



Seattle Sight and Sound got our start delivering quality sound and our passion has only grown. We believe in delivering the highest quality sound experience possible for your budget.

From custom sound systems, whole house distribution to outdoor sound we have your listening experience covered. 



Shade control is a great way to increase security and comfort all while saving time and money. With a touch of a button you can now have total control of not only the lighting in your home but your shading as well. 

We program for your life.  From opening at dawn to shading drawing closed at dawn we can work with you to adjust your shading control to your life. 

We partner with Lutron to offer a wide variety of styles, fabrics, opaqueness, power options and more to ensure a perfect fit for your family.



  • Intuitive & Easy to Use

  • Powerful – Fully configurable keypads, unlimited capabilities such as all off buttons and "home" & "away" scenes that are configured to your life. 

  • Energy-Efficient – Digital dimming saves energy and money. 

  • Convenient – Easily bring lights on to your preferred level with a touch of a button or even time settings.

  • Security – Make your home look occupied when away. Never come home to a dark home again. 

  • Shading – Fully integrate shading into your lighting scenes.



Looking for additional ways to increase efficiency in your home while saving money? Automated climate control is a perfect addition to your smart home. We are able to add in your smart thermostat to ensure that your home mirrors your life and increases your comfort - automatically.

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